Eyebrow Tinting in San Francisco

Skin & Body Care by Morgana is your source for professional eyebrow tinting. Our experienced and qualified staff has what it takes to give you defined and beautiful eyebrows. We help you achieve an elegant and natural look that is both long-lasting and easy to maintain.

We maintain a high standard of quality for our beauty services, and our many repeat customers have come to trust us for consistent results. What's more, we also go the extra mile to provide our professional brow tinting services at affordable rates.

So why not give it a go?

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Eyebrow Color That Lasts with Skin & Body Care by Morgana

We match our client's natural color when providing a semi-permanent brow dye service. Our tinting option is perfect for enhancing the shape and definition of your brow and giving the appearance of fuller and thicker brows. We have a full-service approach to our beauty services, which means we aim to make our process convenient and accommodating from start to finish.

Some of the things that you can expect when you come to us for eyebrow tinting include:

  • Personalized consultations
  • Attentive and professional staff
  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient scheduling options
  • Outstanding customer service
  • High-quality eyebrow dye
  • Efficient procedures
  • And more

These are just some of the ways that we strive to be your number one choice for eyebrow tinting. Drop us a line or use the booking feature on our website to schedule your appointment today.

Relax in Our Hygienic Environment

We are proud to be a beauty and wellness company with a strong dedication to maintaining a comfortable and sanitary location to service our clients. We make sure that our premises are kept clean and tidy so that you can feel totally at ease during your eyebrow tinting procedure. All our products and equipment are completely sanitized before we administer dye. Our goal is to provide a relaxing environment for you while we make you look your best.

Quick and Easy Eyebrow Tinting

Over our time in business, we have developed a workflow that allows us to provide our clients with long-lasting eyebrow tint. Our process is fairly straightforward and only takes about 10-15 minutes. No matter how busy your schedule may be, we guarantee we can help find a time that works for you to get the defined eyebrows you have been dreaming of.

Get Beautiful Eyebrows at Great Rates

We have gained a reputation as a beauty spa with the utmost integrity in San Francisco.

Our dedication to our clients is present in the quality of our work but is also demonstrated through our honest and reasonable prices. We aim to provide our clients with valuable beauty services that fit into their budgets.

Convenient Scheduling Options on Eyebrow Tinting

Here at Skin & Body Care by Morgana, we make it easy to schedule our beauty services. Whether it is over the phone or through our online booking system, you should have no problem finding a time that works for you. So, come by our location today!

Eyebrow Tinting Service for San Francisco

Do you struggle with trying to define your sparse, light colored eyebrows? Do you wish you could ditch brow powders and gels for good? Do you envy those with seemingly full, naturally defined eyebrows? Well, at Skin & Body Care by Morgana, we have a solution for you. We proudly offer high quality eyebrow tinting services to the people of San Francisco. A brow tinting procedure is a quick and easy solution with results that last up to two months, depending on how fast your eyebrows grow. An eyebrow tinting procedure is perfect for our San Francisco clients who are busy and would like more time to spare in the mornings, as well as those clients who don't enjoy wearing so much makeup, or just can't seem to fill their eyebrows in right. For your convenience, we have outlined some information about eyebrow tinting so that you can learn more about this great service before scheduling an appointment of your own.

Who Should get Eyebrow Tinting?

Brow tinting is ideal for those clients who do not want to fuss with makeup in the morning or do any touchups throughout the day. It is perfect for active individuals who work up a sweat, and do not want to worry about re-applying their eyebrow gels and powders. Clients who work in personal training, sports, and entertainment would benefit highly from an eyebrow tinting procedure. This procedure saves you hundreds of dollars in constantly replenishing makeup and brushes that clutter up your bathroom.

What to Expect from a Brow Tinting Appointment

This is a question we are asked a lot by our San Francisco clients. When you first enter our salon, you will be greeted by your personal eyebrow technician. They will cleanse your eyebrow area by removing any eye makeup and apply Vaseline around the area so that the tint does not stain the skin. Afterwards, they will apply a non-irritating tinting formula for 1-2 minutes. After this quick procedure, the eyebrow and surrounding area are cleaned with a gentle cleanser, and then you are good to go! You are safe to apply makeup on immediately after the procedure, so there is no awkward waiting period.

How Long Do Eyebrows Stay Tinted?

The tint lasts up to 2 months, depending on certain lifestyle factors such as how often you shower, if you swim and how much direct sun exposure you get.

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Our estheticians always make sure to test your eyebrow area to ensure that your skin does not react negatively to the tint. If you know you are prone to skin irritations, let your personal eyebrow technician know prior to the procedure and they will be sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid any reactions. Our salon is committed to providing high quality, affordable services that never compromises a high standard of cleanliness and consistent quality. If you live in or around the San Francisco area and would like to find out more, or to book your appointment, call our salon today to speak with one of our friendly representatives!