Electrolysis in San Francisco

At Skin By Morgana, we provide many hair removal treatments for men and women of San Francisco. Electrolysis is a popular permanent hair removal treatment. If you have unwanted hair that you struggle to control, electrolysis could be a good choice for you. Our licensed estheticians have extensive experience with electrolysis as a hair removal technique and will be sure to perform a thorough consultation before any work is done on your hair. At your personalized consultation, your esthetician will determine the right treatment type for your skin type, hair density and sensitivity threshold. Afterwards, you will be lead to a private treatment room where you can relax while the treatment takes place.

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Professional Electrolysis Treatments: For Permanent Hair Removal

Skin & Body Care by Morgana is proud to be San Francisco's leading electrolysis salon. We provide permanent hair removal treatments that are safe, effective, and approved by the FDA. We use only certified techniques carried out by trained and licensed professionals to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest treatment standards available. All sessions occur in the comfort of our salon under the close supervision of a medical esthetician. We take every precaution to ensure your safety and comfort while making sure you feel well attended.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a process where electricity is used to make a chemical change happen. In the case of salon services, electrolysis is a safe and tested method of using electric currents to permanently remove unwanted body hair by altering the properties of the hair follicle so that it stops growing hair. Of all the hair removal methods available on the market, electrolysis is by far the most permanent, and therefore the best investment. With each consecutive treatment, the hair follicle becomes weaker and eventually stops producing hair altogether.

Electrolysis is:

  • Safe: Electrolysis is incredibly safe, with very few minor side effects and an exceptionally high rate of success. Because it gradually removes hair from your body, electrolysis does not cause any “system shock,” where your body may react negatively to the treatment process. Instead, it provides a comfortable, gentle method to remove unwanted hair.
  • Effective: Electrolysis is tested, trusted, and proven to work. It is highly effective at permanently removing hair, with high rates of customer satisfaction too. While some people may need to undergo more electrolysis sessions than others, one thing is for sure: everyone will eventually see results.
  • FDA-Approved: Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal. For those who want to get rid of unwanted patches of hair for good, electrolysis is the best way to do it.
  • Flexible: Electrolysis can be used on any area of the body with unwanted hair. Legs, thighs, eyebrows, chins—wherever you may have undesirable hair growth, Skin & Body Care by Morgana is here to put it to an end.

Personalized Electrolysis Treatment Plans

Tailored for You

Here at Skin & Body Care by Morgana, we understand that different people have different needs, wants, and priorities for themselves. No two bodies are the same, so why should our treatment plans be?

That's why we tailor our services according to each client's precise specifications. We take the time to get to know you, listen to what you want, and develop a detailed action plan that works for you. We'll target the areas where you have unwanted hair growth, and at the end of your first visit, we'll be sure to set you up with a convenient schedule for your future sessions. From start to finish, we want to make sure you have a stellar experience with us—and we'll do everything we can to achieve it for you.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Your esthetician will help you determine how many sessions you may need to completely clear the chosen area of hair. This may fluctuate depending on if your hair follicle goes into a dormant stage, however the hair can be permanently removed in any given area.

How Long Does an Electrolysis Session Last?

An electrolysis session typically lasts anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour depending on the amount of hair and its thickness.

Are There Any Side Effects to Electrolysis?

There are no known side effects to receiving an electrolysis treatment, however temporary reddening of the skin can occur for up to 5 hours, post treatment. This is a minor irritation and will subside quickly.

Who Does Electrolysis Work For?

Electrolysis can work for anybody who has unwanted hair. This goes for both men and women. We recommend that children do not undergo the procedure, however it is suitable for teenagers and adults.

Our Standard of Cleanliness

Our salon is committed to a high degree of cleanliness to ensure that all our clients. We strictly abide by all sanitary laws and regulations, as well as go above and beyond them as much as we can. We believe that providing a clean, beautiful salon for our customers to enjoy upholds our dignity and respect and symbolizes our commitment to quality. When our valued San Francisco clients put the health and safety of your wellness in our hands, we take that very seriously.

If you live in the San Francisco area and have any inquiries about our hair removal services, please call our salon today. Our friendly staff will answer all your questions and set you up with an appointment or consultation.

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