Quality Waxing Solutions in Burlingame

Do you feel as though keeping up with shaving is a struggle and a never-ending battle against the clock? Do you feel as though you are a victim of your thick and unruly body hair? Do you wish you could banish unsightly razor burn forever? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions there is a solution for you! At Skin & Body Care by Morgana, we provide men and women in Burlingame with professional waxing services at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of services including leg, arm, back, chest, chin, lip, eyebrow and stomach waxing. All of our estheticians are licensed professionals with extensive experience in personal salon services. We only use industry standard products to ensure the safest, most high-quality waxing experience for all of our Burlingame customers.

Get a Head Start on Bikini Season by Booking Your Wax Now!

By the time you hit the pool, you’ll be bikini ready without any painful razor burn in sight! Waxing is a non-irritating hair removal solution that lasts three times as long as shaving! With the right aftercare, you will never have to worry about razor burn again.

Get Your Eyebrows Expertly Shaped by a Professional!

If your eyebrows are thick, bushy and unruly, a great way to tame them is to regularly get them waxed and shaped by a professional. By doing so, you will train the hairs on your eyebrows to grow in one direction and you will also help the stray hairs to thin and stop growing in over time.

Do the Environment a Favor!

Waxing is not as wasteful as constantly buying disposable razors and chemical-heavy products with lots of packaging.

Enjoy up to Three Weeks in Between Treatments!

Waxing yields results that last up to three weeks. That means less time worrying about those pesky hairs, and more time enjoying fun things like swimming, biking and wearing shorts and skirts!

At our Burlingame salon, you will enjoy high-quality, personalized service. Our waxing suites are well-maintained, private rooms where you can relax. We always make sure that the temperature of the room is not too hot or too cold so that you have the most comfortable experience possible. Our attention to detail will exceed your expectations!

If you require a consultation before your appointment, our friendly estheticians will be happy to arrange that for you. During your consultation, we will help determine what service is right for your needs, lifestyle and budget. We believe that all of our valued customers deserve a customized salon care experience!

If you have any more questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact our Burlingame salon today. We look forward to alleviating the stress that you may feel in regards to your current hair removal routine by replacing it with our fast, friendly, pain-free service. You will wish that you heard about us sooner!